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Checkout New Year Eve Revellers as they welcome 2019 with a hangover at parties across Britain

Raucous New Year revellers will be nursing a hangover today after hitting the town at the last big party of 2018.

Party-goers took to the streets across Britain to join lively celebrations to see in 2019, amid emergency services tackling one of the busiest nights of the year, Daily Mail reported.

The surprisingly mild December weather meant men and women were certainly dressed to impress as they strutted their stuff.

In Cardiff a man was seen being wheeled in a buggy by his friend, while in another two women in pink fluffy bunny ears screamed into the night air as they saw in 2019.

While in Birmingham a group of women wearing masquerade masks enjoyed the party atmosphere and 2019 balloons adorned the streets.

The familiar ring of Big Ben ushered in the New Year in London as millions of revellers throughout Britain enjoyed spectacular firework displays.

See pictures and video:

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My view: Well at least they had their 15-minutes of fame on the front covers of newspapers and social media.

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