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Shocking moment a singer is attacked by a stage invader who tipped the guitarist over after picking

This is the shocking moment a singer performing on stage is thrown to the ground at The Cavern Club in Liverpool.

The clip, recorded on December 29, shows the singer identified as Jay Murray performing his rendition of Sweet Caroline when a stranger suddenly invaded the stage and interrupts the show.

The invader picked Murray up by his feet and was thrown to the ground as audience watch on in horror.

Scroll down for video

The music venue posted a statement on Facebook and wrote: 'We are appalled by an unprovoked attack on one of our entertainers yesterday. Nothing like this has ever occurred in our 28 year tenure and hopefully never will again.

'Our excellent door staff apprehended the man and the police were called but our entertainer did not wish to press charges at the time and then went back on stage to continue his set.

'Understandably shaken but fortunately with no major injuries.'

On his Facebook account Mr Murray wrote: 'So I'm finally a celeb on social media its kinda funny what happened it happened so fast the f****r could have had a knife and I would have never felt it.

'Thank God he didn't cheers to all my 'mates' who shared it I'm OK just saw red so I gave him a hiding knuckles killing me now.

'The p***k was crying like a baby apologizing to me. Moral of story be nice to one and other. Happy New Year.'

See reaction:

One Facebook user wrote: He boxed the chaps ears!! But i suspect the loss of that guitar will be a hard one !! Wouldnt want to be that chap though!! I know it won't end well for him!x

Another added: This is so shocking !! How awful ! Xx

One wrote: This is shocking!, What on earth would make someone do that????

Others wrote:

This is terrible ... poor bloke on stage doing his best!!

I sincerely hope someone hammered the nob who attacked him! 👊

Jay is great we’ve had fun in there with him that *man needs to be home alone forever

My view: This is shocking and terrible, he could've killed him. That weirdo needs to be locked up. I wonder why the singer refused to press charges, as it doesn't look like a publicity stunt, the footage looks scary. It seems the singer Jay Murray, is kind of okay with what happened, as he's celebrating the fact that he's 'now a celeb on social media', isn't that strange?.

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