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Mom accidentally fills home with deadly chlorine gas in attempt to unblock toilet

A mom was forced to call the fire department after nearly gassing herself to death while attempting to unblock her toilet.

Dominique Heath, from Nailsea, a town two and a half hours west of London, used two common household products hours apart for the job but ended up accidentally filling her home with deadly chlorine gas in the process.

The mother-of-three filled her loo with toilet unblocker on Thursday after thinking one of her children had either put a toy down there or used too much paper.

She left it to work but a few hours later realised her toilet was still blocked.

She told Bristol Live: ‘I put the kids to bed at 8pm, ran a bath, then looked in the toilet and it was still blocked so I thought “I’m not getting into the bath like this” – I’ll put some bleach down there, that should do it.’

But the two chemicals mixed together created a chlorine gas cloud – which can be deadly if inhaled.

Dominique ran to her neighbour for help, who instantly recognised how serious the situation was and rang the fire brigade.

Dominique Heath accidentally created chlorine gas trying to unblock her toilet (Picture: Dominique Heath)

Dominique’s street in Bristol was closed off after the gas cloud was formed (Picture: Google)

The brigade sent three engines to cordon the street off and it took two firefighters in full breathing gear to ventilate the house and make it safe again.

Now, Dominque wants to make sure people are aware of the dangers mixing chemicals can cause and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

She said: ‘It was really serious. We are all ok, but it was the dumbest thing I have ever done – please don’t do this!’

Via Metro

My view: There's just no need for all the fuss she caused, she should've opened the window, leave the bathroom and call the emergency repair line. But next time use the plunger to Unclog without Any Nasty Chemicals.

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