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I’m in love with two women — but I can’t see a future with either of them


Dear Deidre: I AM in love with two girls but I can’t have either of them. One of these girls is 26 and the mother of my four-year-old son.

She finished with me three years ago and says she does not love me now.

I know there's no future with either woman, but I'm really struggling to move on

I am 25 and can’t help being in love with her but I think it is because of my son.

The other one is my most recent girlfriend. She is 23 and I split up with her a year ago.

She is living with another man but she has told me she does not love him.

I speak to both girls every day and I just wish I could be with one of them but I do not know which one.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your son’s mother does not love you and the other one is living with another man – and you broke up with her when you were together so the relationship clearly wasn’t working.

So you may be fond of both but neither sounds to have a future with you. You have to let them both go and move on – but still see lots of your son, of course.

Source: The Sun

My view: You are not a serious boyfriend material that's why both of them moved on. Just concentrate on your son and look for another woman, who'll probably dump you as well.

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