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WATCH: Why do apartheid leaders get treated better than me by SA state - Former president Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma isn't a happy man as he shared a video complaining about his legal Bill to fight corruption charges against him.

The former president posted a two-part video on Sunday.

In the clips, posted to Twitter on Sunday afternoon, Zuma revealed that he has instructed his lawyers to appeal a recent high court ruling that he would have to foot the bill for his defence in all criminal cases instituted against him.

In the first video, the former ANC Chief says all South Africans "must respect the judgments by courts, at whatever level, because these judgments are judgments we should believe are taken by people who have taken thorough thought, listened to evidence [and] balanced the facts".

Zuma in a second tweet, goes on to address why the state in democratic South Africa paid the legal costs of "many of the leaders of [the] apartheid system, some of whom killed my comrades".

The former president questioned why he, someone who had fought for democracy, had to pay for himself, while "apartheid killers" were "defended by the state".

Zuma appealed for consistency in the application of the law.

In 2006, then president Thabo Mbeki agreed for the state to cover Zuma's legal costs in his fraud and corruption case related to the controversial arms deal, News24 reported.

The Democratic Alliance and the Economic Freedom Fighters approached the high court this year, in a bid to have the agreement declared null and void.

The EFF argued that over R25 million of state funds were paid out to cover Zuma's legal fees.

Jacob Zuma has stirred up a conversation on social media, since joining the platform in mid December.

My view: I don't get the crass former president Jacob Zuma is whining about, he has been charged with 16 counts of corruption relating to a multibillion dollar arms deal. Jacob Zuma has been accused of looting South Africa dry just like former Nigerian presidents, who mercilessly looted the country dry, with the thieves who fronts for them as oil billionaires. Zuma allegedly betrayed his own people after all the years of fighting the evil 'apartheid system'. So is Zuma saying because he fought for Democracy he shouldn't pay his legal fees even though he has been charged with multiple counts of corruption? . Well Mr Zuma, they know you're a millionaire, so pay your legal fees or let your friends/fronts pay. Enough with your fake tears already, because when you were allegedly looting your country you didn't cry out loud to ordinary people to help you enjoy your loot, you're not above the law- the law is above everyone.

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