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Uganda: Speaker Kadaga hands out Christmas gifts to prisoners

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga hands an assortment of gifts to inmates from kitchenware to bathroom accessory’s as well as food items (PML PHOTO)

JINJA – The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga on Saturday afternoon presented Christmas gifts to inmates of Uganda Prisons Bufulubi in Mayuge District.

Kadaga said she was inspired by her home church where they were encouraged to bless a prisoner each Christmas season.

“I am part of the All Saints Cathedral church Nakasero, [Kampala] and we are encouraged to bless a prisoner each year. This year I felt that instead of picking one let me see many prisoners even if you haven’t asked, and put a smile on your face this season,” she said.


Kadaga presented an assortment of gifts to the inmates from kitchenware to bathroom accessory’s as well as food items.

Speaker also visited Jinja women prison which is occupied by 105 prisoners.

The office in-charge, a one Babirye Vanity among challenges told the Speaker was congestion in the prison. The prison was constructed to habour 66 inmates but currently it harbours 105 inmates.

Babirye also requested the Speaker of Parliament to help Jinja prison avail funds for the construction of a day care centre for children who are born in custody.

Vanity said these children go through psychological torture and they need to enjoy there right as children.

Speaker Kadaga also in her end of year message called on Ugandans to proceed with caution during the Christmas festivities.

She appealed to security agencies to monitor and ensure that Ugandans are safe as they cross into the New Year (2019).

Kadaga also called on parents to ensure the safety of their children, to avoid cases of kidnaps by unscrupulous individuals.

Via PML Daily

My view: This is a big joke, there are thousands/millions of innocent people starving in Uganda, yet the Speaker thinks it's cool to reward criminals in prison with Christmas presents, so therefore encouraging others to come and enjoy life in prison, as the clueless speaker and the heartless Uganda government don't feel the pain of their people, just showing off to be seen on camera. I really don't blame her, as she lives in an isolated cocoon herself and doesn't know what is going on in the real world. We don't want to see lawmakers parading themselves for attention instead of doing the right thing. It is the responsibility of the Ugandan government to provide prison inmates basic necessities and not for the Speaker to be seen handing out Christmas presents to the wrong people. 70% of Ugandan households are hungry without food, according to survey.

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