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Michael Rapaport unleashes online attack on Kim Kardashian after she posts racy bikini selfie on Ins

Actor Michael Rapaport slammed Kim Kardashian online after criticising Ariana Grande's appearance.

48-year-old Rapaport's brutal venom comes after Kim Kardashian, 38, shared a selfie on Wednesday showing herself in a skimpy bikini while standing in a walk-in closet filled with shoes and bags.

Kim captioned the picture: 'I need a spray tan

In the comments section Rapaport responded: 'You hate yourself'.

18-year-oldNoah Cyrus was quick to defend Kim Kardashian.

She wrote in the comments: 'bruh. Why you soooo mad. stop attacking women for likes'.

Rapaport was thrashed on Wednesday after he posted a tweet criticising Ariana Grande's appearance.

Michael Rapaport

My view: Only a woman who hates herself so much would have to constantly take nude/semi-nude pictures of herself for constant reassurance that she's beautiful. Kim's hollow waist looks deformed, I don't get how anyone would want to look like an alien, it's sad. But I don't know why Michael Rapaport criticised Ariana Grande's appearance, she's blessed with a good gene, she'll be forever young, even when she turns 80, she'll look 30 and she won't need cosmetic surgery. Who really wants to look older than their age anyway?, maybe Kylie Jenner.

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