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Dad accused of faking £200k jackpot scratchcard vows to prove he’s innocent after lottery chiefs cal

A Dad accused of faking a £200,000 scratchcard has vowed to prove his innocence after lottery chiefs called in cops, Sun Online can reveal.

Eric Walker, 56, claims he won the jackpot on a £3 Pharoah's Fortune card three weeks ago but lottery organisers Camelot refused to pay up.

Camelot refused to payout the £200k jackpot Eric Walker won on a £3 Pharoah's Fortune scratchcard

They called in fraud cops after claiming the letter F had been "doctored" to look like an E and said the winning scratchcard hasn't been sold yet.

But dad-of-four Eric, from Sheffield, has vowed to fight for the £200,000 - and has demanded an apology from lotto chiefs and the police if he is vindicated.

He told Sun Online today: "I have nothing to hide because I haven't done anything wrong, I know the card hasn't been tampered with.

"The police can show me how the card has been altered because I can't see it. They can do what they want.

Camelot has said on first inspection that the card appeared to have been doctored

They believe the winning E5 square had been altered from F5

"If it has been altered then I have no explanation for it because I bought the card and haven't done anything to it.

"I don't have the skills to fake a scratchcard, you'd have to be some sort of expert to pull that off."

Unemployed Eric, who buys six scratchcards a day, believes there was a misprint on the scratchcard after he matched three symbols.

He has invited cops to his home to have a look at the ticket and says he is the one being "cheated".

Eric says the money would be life-changing for him and his partner Amanda Emmadi, 37

He is now locked in a bitter battle with Camelot after he was accused of doctoring the ticket

The dad added: "It seems like I'm being made out to be a con man or a cheat which I'm not, I'm not a bad person.

A spokesperson said: "Based on the photo we were sent we were able to reconstruct the scratchcard in our system.

"We can confirm that an F has been altered to appear as an E and is therefore not a winning Scratchcard.

"The scratchcard has not been recalled and we will be reporting this matter to the police."

Via The Sun

My view: It looks like an F, maybe it was a printing mistake. The other letters are perfect except the F look-alike. If there's a winning scratchcard, I wonder why no-one has claimed it. Something is definitely not right, I think police should investigate Camelot, because another person has accused the lottery company that, she is the second lottery player to lose £200k on a scratchcard jackpot because of Camelot's "misprint", so is this an alleged deliberate "misprint".

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