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Dad ‘heard daughter, 3, scream on baby monitor as uncle slashed her throat’

Josephine Bulubenchi was killed by her her uncle, Emanuel Fluter, while her father heard her screams on the baby monitor(Photo: GoGundMe

A murdered child’s dad heard her screams over a baby monitor as her uncle slashed her throat, police say.

Josephine Bulubenchi died in a Kentucky hospital Sunday a day after the vicious attack that occurred in the same room as her four young siblings.

The girl’s father, Beni, rushed to his daughter’s room after he heard the attack and tried to disarm his brother-in-law Emanuel Flutur, 33.

Flutur, who lived with the family, was arrested and charged with murder, but was ‘too violent’ to take a mug shot on Saturday, according to jail officials.

On a joint Facebook page, Josephine’s father and mother, Simona, posted a heartbreaking picture of one of them holding their young daughter’s hand as she lay in a hospital bed.

No motive for the attack, which took place in Clinton County, Kentucky, was released by the Sheriff’s Office as of Monday Afternoon.

The Bulubenchi’s, who are Romanian-American, have eight other children, with Josephine believed to be one of their youngest.

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They are active members of their local church, with a video of Beni performing a song posted on YouTube.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds to transport the body to be buried in Michigan.

Emanuel Flutur was charged with murder after Josephine Bulubenchi died in the hospital Sunday (Photo: Facebook)

‘The family of Beni and Simona Bulubenchi from Kentucky are going through a tragedy,’ the GoGundMe page says.

‘One of their nine children, Josephina Mia (4 years old) has passed away Sunday December 9th, leaving behind a heartbroken family.’

After the tragedy, a wellwisher on GoFundMe wrote: ‘So sorry to hear about that sweet little girl… many prayers going up to your family.’


My view: This is pure evil, it's shocking. People just have to be careful who they invite to live with them. It is so sad, I hope the evil uncle gets mental health treatment and life in prison, because he must be deranged to commit this kind of vicious act on an innocent child.

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