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Boy screams as he is wheeled into court after ‘murdering’ his roommates

Dramatic courtroom footage shows a 19 year-old murder suspect scream ‘God!’ as he is wheeled into court to be charged with killing his roommates.

Damon Kemp was filmed repeatedly wailing the word as he was wheeled in for the hearing in Daytona Beach, Florida, Sunday.

The alleged double-murderer’s face was contorted into a picture of anguish during the appearance, which came two days after his alleged victims were found shot dead at a nearby apartment.

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Courtroom staff warned him to keep quiet, but the teen could be heard continuing to scream as the hearing began.

Trey Ingraham and Jordan Paden, both 19, are said to have been slaughtered by Kemp after Ingraham allowed the alleged killer to live in his apartment for free.

'Pedophile, 73, caught molesting girl, 3, on camera' Ingraham was described as an up-and-coming boxer who was set to return to his studies at Betune-Cookman University after taking a semester off.

His mom Nerissa Carter told ClickOrlando: ‘There is no answer as to why or how.

Dads and moms need to hug their children, because you might get a phone call like we did, and you won’t get a chance to hear their voice anymore.’

Trey Ingraham was one of two 19 year-olds murdered last week, with Ingraham’s housemate Damon Kemp now charged with his killing (Picture: WFTV)

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My view: So is he acting up insanity, for his defence?, sad. I hope the court see through his alleged mad-sham.

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