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Newlywed plunges 500ft to her death from a clifftop at a Cape Town picnic spot after she jumped for

A wife plummeted 500ft to her death from a cliff in South Africa after losing her footing as she jumped for a birthday picture being taken by her husband.

31-year-old Jolandi le Roux was celebrating her birthday at Cape Town's Lookout Point with husband Andrew, 33, when she attempted to create a picturesque photo of herself jumping over the sun last Sunday.

However after launching herself above the ground, Ms le Roux lost her footing and plunged down the steep cliff edge.

Following her fall, experienced trail runner Andrew frantically rushed down the rugged terrain to reach Ms le Roux but was unable to get within nine metres of his wife's body- which lay in a dead tree at the bottom of a gully, according to rescuers.

First rescuer paramedic Henry Barlow, 47, told The Sun: 'He risked his life trying to reach his wife but couldn’t. It was heartbreaking but it would have been suicide to go any further.

'It was just cliffs and a 60-metre drop to the rocks and sea below us.'

The treacherous terrain meant it took emergency teams more than three hours to reach Ms le Roux's body and a further three hours to reach the top of the mountain again.

After hours of trying to reach Ms le Roux, rescue teams were able to bring her body to the clifftop and were thanked by her heartbroken husband.

According to The Sun, the couple, who got married in September last year, ignored the metal railing barriers stopping the public from walking up the steep cliff.

The Sun reports that the sign read: 'Caution! Strong winds and steep cliffs. Please stay behind the fence at all times.'

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My view: That is so sad, maybe she wanted to post the extreme picture online, I feel for her husband.

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