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Amy Schumer shares video of herself vomiting due to morning sickness as she says 'I thought it m

American comedian Amy Schumer shared a very private video of herself throwing-up in a public restroom on Saturday.

Amy, 37, posted the footage to her Instagram account of herself vomiting due to morning sickness.

She said: 'I thought it might be fun to see me throwing up in a public restroom'.

See Amy's video below

Amy Schumer, pictured posted a video of herself vomiting all the way to stand up show on Tuesday night

My view: It is so shameful and disgusting to share something so intimate to the world. For crying out loud, pregnancy is not an illness, it is a blessing and a thing of joy and you don't have to force yourself to vomit in public loo just to get millions of Likes from your Instagram followers. Yuck, for even throwing-up in public loo, why not use a sick-cup/bag, vomit splashes back up when you throw-up in the loo, it's so gross. The video shows Amy Schumer trying to force herself to vomit. Keep your gross stuff to yourself and it's not fun for people to see it. Amy Schumer is just an attention seeker, she even shared a video of herself vomiting all the way to stand up show on Tuesday night. Amy and Meghan Markle are show offs,who love to steal the limelight. One is constantly holding her baby bump while the other is flaunting her vomit on social media, what a pathetic duo.

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