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17-year-old Pupil who achieved 10 A* GCSE's at a £13,000 a year private girls school dies after

A star pupil at a top private girls’ school died after having cocaine-fuelled sex at her parents’ home.

Poorvi Giri, 17, had achieved ten A* GCSEs at £13,000-a-year King Edward VI School in Birmingham.

The exceptional student, whose parents are both doctors, was planning to read physics at university.

She collapsed at the family’s £1million home and entered cardiac arrest after meeting a 19-year-old for sex during the summer holidays.

Exceptional student: Poorvi Giri with her parents Vibha and Sitaram, who are both doctors

She was taken to Good Hope Hospital where her father Dr Sitaram Giri works as a hip and knee surgeon.

Doctors found cocaine in her system, an inquest heard. Further tests revealed ‘heart impairment’ caused by her use of the drug, described by one doctor as the most severe changes he had seen in someone so young.

The teenager never regained consciousness after the incident on August 1, and was declared dead three weeks later on August 22.

Poorvi’s mother Dr Vibha Giri, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology, said: ‘Our whole family is heartbroken at the death of our brilliant and beautiful daughter.’

Poorvi’s school is planning to pay tribute by placing a bench with a commemorative plaque overlooking the tennis courts – one of her ‘favourite places’.

Friends said the teenager had a history of drug use and ‘went off the rails’ before her GCSEs – but still managed to produce outstanding results.

On Instagram she used the nickname ‘Pocaine’ – a slang term for combining cocaine and pot, or marijuana – and shared provocative pictures, including one showing a white pill on her tongue.

A school-friend said: ‘She was always a bit of a wild child but she really went off the rails before her GCSEs. She would come into school drunk and stuff.

Culled from Daily Mail

My view: This is so sad, such a beautiful and intelligent girl. I feel for her parents. Maybe she had friends who were bad influence on her.

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