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Florida Dad Claims 'Voices' Made Him Throw 5-Year-Old Daughter to Her Death off Bridge

A man accused of throwing his five-year-old daughter from a bridge told doctors that voices urged him to kill the child.

Court records revealed the twisted perspective of John Jonchuck, 29, for the first time since he slew his five-year-old daughter Phoebe from a bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2015, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

I heard voices saying that if I and Phoebe did not die, everyone would go to hell, & # 39; said Jonchuck, according to the data.

When asked who would die, Jonchuck told a psychiatrist: "Everyone in the world."

Jon Jonchuck (left) told a psychiatrist that he threw his 5-year-old daughter Phoebe (right) from a bridge in January 2015 because voices told him she must die.

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& # 39; I think of her every night, & # 39; In the morning when I wake up, "Jonchuck told the psychiatrist, according to the data. He said he still has & # 39; bad dreams & # 39; has his daughter & # 39; lies there & # 39; and that he can not wake her up & # 39 ;.

Jonchuck added: "Because I was a very good father and she loved me so much and I always promised her that I would not let anything happen, and I did. & # 39;

When asked why he cared for all others to die, he said: "Because I had that Bible that night, I told everyone that I was the Creator."

& # 39; Because I felt like the voices told me something that was real … Because I did not want anyone else to get hurt. & # 39;

After many delays, Jonchuck will appear in court in the spring of 2019 for accusations of first-line murder.

Jonchuck, seen in a January 2015 file, turned out to be able to appear in March 2017

His lawyers are reportedly not going to debate whether he threw the young Phoebe off the bridge, claiming instead that he can not be convicted for the reason of madness.

Witnesses said that Jonchuck wore a Swedish Bible in the days before the death of Phoebe. He spread salt around doors to ward off evil, his stepmother said.

A receptionist in a church said he spoke about being related to the pope, and referred to Phoebe as a demon.

After the police stopped Jonchuck's car as he drove away from the stage of Phoebe's death, they found two Bibles inside. One was open to the passage: "You have divided the sea in front of them, so that they have passed through it on dry ground, but you have thrown their pursuers into the depths, like a stone in mighty waters. & # 39;

Prosecutors say the father dumped the five-year-old girl to the office of a lawyer in Tampa Bay in front of the Dick Misener Bridge after a trip (photo)

Jonchuck's statements about hearing voices were made to psychiatrist Emily Lazarou during evaluations in October 2017 and May of this year.

Another psychiatrist who was hired to challenge Lazarou's methods, she quoted in a statement made public in a police report.

The lawyers of Jonchuck have argued that Lazarou, who will testify before the prosecution that he was not disturbed, is biased and can not be admitted to the witness stand.

After the problem had been postponed again in September, Lazarou reacted to Facebook: "The length that the councilor will contradict to get rid of a case is amazing. Their tactics are contemptible, but it is part of my work. & # 39;

Prosecutors have opted not to respect the death penalty, and Jonchuck sees life in prison without the possibility of conditional release if he is convicted.

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My view: I wonder why he did not kill himself, such an evil monster.

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