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Dad shot dead as he waited in his car for son outside school

A man has been murdered outside a school in front of terrified school children, Metro reported.

The man, who was in his 40s, was waiting for his son in a parked red Porsche when he was attacked.

Relatives comforted one another at the police cordon around the scene of the incident outside St Mary’s Grammar School, Belfast.

Police are now hunting the suspect who was wearing a high-viz jacket with the word ‘security’ on the back.

He ran away from the scene on foot and is believed to be of a similar age to the victim.

‘This man is believed to be in his forties and was sitting in his car when he was approached by a lone gunman who shot him several times, including at least once in the head,’ he said.

‘This is an absolutely disgraceful and reckless act for which there can be no justification whatsoever, the act was carried out in the immediate vicinity of three schools where there were large numbers of pupils at the time and it is entirely possible that we could have had a seriously injured or dead child or children as a result of this terrible act.’

Mr Roberts said it was too early to comment on motive, but added police have not ruled out the possibility of dissident republican involvement.

Via Metro

My view: That is terrible, I feel for his son.

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