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Women’s Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg storms off stage after being asked to twerk during ceremony

The Ballon d'Or awards ceremony descended into farce when Women's winner Ada Hegerberg was shockingly asked to "twerk" by the host.

The Lyon and Norway striker had just collected the inaugural Women's Ballon d'Or trophy when French DJ Martin Solveig made the ill-advised comment.

Ada Hegerberg had just won the top award in women's football when she was shockingly asked to 'twerk' by host Martin Solveig

The newly-crowned women's Ballon d'Or winner did not look happy with how things played out in Paris

Then followed several moments of awkward silence from the crowd as Martin Solveig attempted a kind of dance

Hegerberg was clearly shocked and upset, as she muttered "no" before making a quick exit of the stage.

Solveig was heard laughing after making his request, which has been described as "pure sexism" by some.

The camera then panned to PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe, who looked embarrassed by what had just played out on stage in Paris.

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Mbappe had earlier won another inaugural award - the Kopa Trophy, given out to the best young player as voted by leading journalists in Europe.

Real Madrid midfielder and World Cup finalist Luka Modric picked up the men's Ballon d'Or.

Unsurprisingly, Solveig's comments were met with shock and outrage on social media.

Journalist Victoria Uwokunda described it as "nonsense" before questioning if Solveig had asked "if Modric can twerk as well".

Jessica Dunne described Solveig as a "disgrace", while Francisco Taveira posted on Twitter that the hosts' comments "overshadowed" the event.

Tennis star Andy Murray was among those outraged by what happened, leading to ask why women "have to put up with that s***".

See reaction:

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Via The Sun

My view: This is disgusting, imagine asking her to twerk in-front of the world after receiving an award for her hard-work, that's so disrespectful. I think there's a time and a place for everything, if the host wants someone to twerk for him, he should go on Instagram where dozens of celebs go naked and twerk daily, they'll twerk for him 24/7.

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