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Russian reality TV star launches sickening jealous attack on his 21-year-old girlfriend rips her hai

This is the moment a Russian reality star launched a sickening jealous attack on his girlfriend after she admitted a man 'hugged' her on the show.

Andrey Shabarin, 34, attacked his girlfriend Rozalia Raison, 21, during the popular Russian show 'Dom 2' - meaning House 2.

He can be seen repeatedly beating his 21-year-old lover around the head as another man desperately tried to intervene.

The incident was filmed by hidden cameras on the TV set in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

The clip shows one of the contestants, a shirtless man named Valery Blumennkrants, saying: 'Did those men touch you?'

Raison, a blonde woman sitting on the couch, replies: 'Well, they kind of hugged me.'

The blonde's confession apparently throws Shabarin, who is dressed in a white T-shirt, into a jealous rage and he immediately attacks Raison.

He can be seen rushing towards her, grabbing her by the hair and hitting her on the head.

Raison screams while asking her lover to stop hitting her. Blumennkrants can be seen trying to stop the assault as Shabarin violently pulls Raison's hair.

Reports said that the show's bosses decided to kick Shabarin off the show following the incident.

According to local media, Raison, who forgave her partner for the abuse, left the show as well.

The couple are reportedly trying to rebuild their relationship.

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Via Daily Mail

My view: If her partner will do that in public, I wonder what he will do behind closed doors?, there's nothing entertaining about a violent show. I feel sorry for her for taking him back she must be so desperate for a man to put up with that. It defies belief that she really forgave him for that.?

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