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I’m a Celebrity 2018 day 16: Barrowman returns, everybody eats Fleur and another celeb leaves

Day sixteen

As John Barrowman made his much anticipated return to the jungle the campmates finally took a bite out of one of their own, Harry made a startling confession and another celeb said farewell to camp! Here’s what you need to know…

A nasty trip ‘n’ slip sent John Barrowman to hospital on Day 15 but thankfully his sprained ankle wasn’t too seriously injured and Captain Jack made it back to camp.

His return was nothing short of FABULOUS (because of course) and his nifty new walking stick proved a most useful accessory. When he wasn’t making several dodgy jokes about it (because BARROWMAN) he was choreographing little dance routines for himself and hobbling around camp with all the gravitas of Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond in Jurassic Park.

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Would you eat another campmate if you were desperate for sugar in the Australian outback? Well, after 16 years on air, I’m A Celeb probably came about as close as it’ll ever get to cannibalism when Fleur returned from the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

The X Factor singer and Coronation Street star Sair Khan secured a batch of cupcakes for camp, but Fleur was doused in treacle while winning the sweet treats.

James McVey was hungry enough to taste the sugary substance coating Fleur’s arms and it wasn’t long before everybody was tucking in.

Harry Redknapp may seem like the font of jungle knowledge but it appears we’ve finally found his weakness – FILMS.

The football manager admitted that he’s not been to the pictures since the 1960s and – SHOCK, HORROR, confessed that he’s never even heard of Toy Story

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And finally, Coronation Street star Sair Khan became the third celebrity to leave the jungle.

“It’s so weird being outside,” she told Dec and Holly after crossing the bridge. “I can’t believe I’ve been in there for over two weeks”.

Day fifteen

Fleur finally gets a pizza the Bushtucker action, Emily learns to slutdrop, John takes a fall and Malique is the second celeb sent home…

Who fancies a pizza? What toppings do you want? We’ve got a choice of rotten tomatoes, fish guts, offal, foetid veg and rancid cheese. No wait, you don’t get a choice, you just get everything…

An innocent conversation about who could touch their toes quickly developed into Emily showing off her questionable slutdrop technique……to Fleur revealing that she’s rather partial to a visit to a strip club herself.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m obsessed with strip clubs, I love them,” she said. “I like sitting there and watching them.”

Later, in the Bush Telegraph, she added: “I’ve always loved going to strip clubs, I don’t know why, I think maybe it’s because like you shouldn’t be there, the whole thing fascinates me.”

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Via Radio Times

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