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Tyson Fury 'clearly' beat Deontay Wilder, says Lennox Lewis

Tyson Fury's controversial draw with Deontay Wilder shows "how hard it is for a Brit to come to America and take someone's belt", according to former heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis.

Fury survived two knockdowns in an enthralling bout with WBC heavyweight champion Wilder in Los Angeles.

Briton Lewis said he was in no doubt that Fury had beaten the American.

"It happened to me and I knew it was going to happen to him," said Lewis.

Lewis was denied a win when he fought American Evander Holyfield in New York in 1999, with the bout declared a draw.

There was uproar about the decision and boxing's authorities ordered a rematch in which Lewis beat his rival by a unanimous decision.

"You have to make your fists be the judges," said Lewis, speaking on BT Sport Box Office.

"Tyson Fury won the fight for me. I think Deontay boxed very poorly."

Lewis later added on social media: "This judging takes me back to my first fight with Holyfield.

"I just saw Tyson Fury come back from drugs, depression, two years of inactivity and massive weight loss, to outbox the WBC heavyweight champion, who was gifted a draw.

"In a rematch, I can only imagine that he will be even better prepared."

By common consent, Fury produced the better boxing display against Wilder at the Staples Center in Los Angeles but was knocked down in the ninth and 12th rounds.

His trip to the canvas in the last round was the more brutal and there was widespread surprise when Fury managed to get up from it and finish the fight.

Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin scored the fight 115-111 to Wilder, Canada's Robert Tapper had it 114-112 to Fury and the third judge, Britain's Phil Edwards, had it 113-113.

"To take something away from someone who has come from hell and back, to ruin the biggest comeback in boxing history, probably in sports history, is a disgrace," said Fury's trainer Ben Davison.

"What sort of sick people have you got to be. Disgraceful."

Fury's promoter Frank Warren added: "I didn't think he was going to get up. And after he got up, Fury was pushing him back. He's a natural born fighter.

"It's a draw but everybody knows he won it."

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My view: Wilder is a terrible boxer, he was exposed as a one trick pony.

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