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Six-month-old baby ‘born with the eyes of a cat’ is the ‘youngest person in UK to ever be diagnosed

A six-month-old baby is thought to be the youngest person in the UK ever to be diagnosed with two rare conditions in both eyes that have left her looking 'like a cat', Daily Mail reported.

Lilien Molnar, who is blind, was diagnosed with microphthalmia and a coloboma at just five days old.

The disorders have left the youngster, of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, with a narrow and discoloured iris - similar to that of a cat.

Although unable to see and forced to travel many miles for regular hospital appointments, Lilien's parents Cintia, 26, and David Molnar, 29, insist their 'little princess' never stops smiling.

Six-month-old Lilien Molnar is thought to be the youngest person in the UK ever to be diagnosed with two rare conditions that have left her with eyes 'like a cat'

Pictured with her mother Cintia as a newborn, Lilien was diagnosed with microphthalmia and coloboma when she failed to open her eyes even after five days. Doctors later broke the devastating news that the youngster was blind, which caused Mrs Molnar to 'collapse'

Pictured in intensive care as a newborn, Lilien is now home and growing well but is still unable to do things most babies can do. Due to her only being able to sense light, the youngster is forced to play with specialist toys and is showing no signs that she may soon be able to crawl

'Lilien's eyes are the same size as a cat's and will never grow properly,' Mrs Molnar said.

'She's developing but it's still upsetting because she can't see anything. She can't do things that most baby's do because she can't see.

'It can be really heartbreaking sometimes when we go out to see other children.'

Mrs Molnar claims she knows of no children younger than Lilien who have microphthalmia and coloboma in both eyes.

Lilien also suffers from hydronephrosis, which causes both of her kidneys to swell and raises her risk of urinary tract infections.

Although she was 'devastated' to discover her daughter's two conditions, Mrs Molnar is adamant Lilien will have as normal a life as possible

'She's our little girl and we want the best for her and we'll do everything we can to make sure she has the best quality of life possible,' she said.

Lilien's condition has left her unable to play with toys, with her also showing no signs of being able to crawl any time soon.

'She can't play with normal toys or do lots of things that most normal babies do so obviously that's tough,' Mr Molnar, who works in a hotel, said.

'She can play with toys that emit lights or flash and she enjoys those but she can't crawl or do things like that at all yet.

'She smiles all the time though and that warms your heart.'

Culled from Daily mail

My view: She's such a happy child, I feel for her parents.

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