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Mum helped boyfriend encase dead son, 3, in concrete after he beat him to death

A woman helped her boyfriend encase her dead three-year-old son in a concrete block after he beat him to death.

Kansas woman Miranda Miller, 37, pleaded guilty to child abuse, aggravated child endangerment, and second-degree murder in the death of her son Evan Brewer, who was killed in 2017.

Prosecutors claim Miller and her boyfriend Stephen Bodine, 41, tortured Evan for months before his death and then hid his body in a cement block inside the laundry room of their rented home.

Evidence in the harrowing case include a cache of more than 16,000 videos and photos which show Evan being abused.

Thousands of photos and videos show Miranda Miller, 37, and her boyfriend Stephen Bodine, 41, abusing Evan Brewer before his death

Footage shows Evan naked and chained in the basement as Bodine and Miller shout at him and force him to stand in the corner for hours on end, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal.

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It previously emerged that the boy's body was found by the owner of their rented house in Wichita.

Dwayne Haukap was cleaning out the house when he noticed a foul smell coming from a concrete block in the laundry room.

He called the police and when authorities pulled off the cement lid, they found the body of the little boy - who had been missing for months - inside.

The landlord said the structure measured a little over two feet wide and stood around 20 inches tall.

Evan Brewer, three, was missing for months before his body was found in the concrete block

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DNA tests later confirmed it was Evan's body but his remains were so badly decayed that an autopsy couldn't determine how he died.

Last month, Bodine was found guilty of first-degree murder and will be sentenced later this month. He is expected to be given a life sentence.

Miller testified against Bodine in order to plead to a lesser charge in Evan's death.

During the trial, she said Bodine had been punishing Evan for not eating on May 19, 2017.

He took the screaming boy into the bathroom and then came out with her son's wet and lifeless body in his arms.

She said Bodine mixed up several bags of cement and buried the boy inside it.

His body was found four months later.

While the cause of death is not known, Miller said in her testimony that she thinks Bodine forced fed Evan large amounts of salt in the days leading up to his death.

Evan’s father, Carlo Brewer, had been trying to gain custody of his son and the authorities had been alerted six times that Evan was being abused.

In March 2017, Carlo had told police that he hadn't seen his son in over a month and begged them to help him.

Evan's father was trying to gain custody of him and the authorities had been alerted six times that the boy was being abused

Court records show Evan was abused on numerous occasions while in Miller's care. He was once beaten so badly that he needed CPR.

Miller was also accused of leaving him in dirty clothes and diapers.

She now faces 29 years in prison.

Via Mirror

My view: The mother should get life sentence as her boyfriend, life in prison with out parole, they both deserve torture like they did to the innocent child and the evil duo should get the death penalty.

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