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Video: Reality star Blac Chyna gets into a fight in Abuja

Reality star Blac Chyna’s visit to Abuja on Saturday may not have gone down so well as she nearly got into a fist fight with the promoters of the event she attended.

The mother of two flew out to Lagos to promote her controversial skin-lightening cream with Whitenicious, which caused a huge stir on social media last week.

Despite the outrage, Chyna went through with the promotional trip. Things turned sour, however, during a run-in with a fan in a parking lot.

In a video shared by Tunde Ednut, Chyna can be seen jumping out of her car and lunging at someone as her friend tries to hold her back. Chyna pushes her out of the way in an attempt to throw hands at the unknown person.

She's then pushed back into the car by her security officials.

According to reports Blac Chyna allegedly failed to spend enough time at the Abuja bash and was accosted by the promoters when she tried to leave.

Sources say Chyna came in late, stayed 30 mins, she was reportedly drunk and tried to leave. In the video , she is seen pushing off a lady who allegedly insulted her. She was however protected by her police escort.

Scroll down for video

My view: Blac Chyna kind of showed the party promoters who's the boss, they were lucky she stayed for 30 minutes.

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