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Pilot Answers The Hard Hitting Question About Sex On A Plane

Flying. It's one of the most common forms of transport and also one of the most confusing.

Think about it. Everyday millions of people around the world hop on a plane and spend upwards of 24 hours on board without really knowing the secret behind some of the most basic elements.

For example: What's the deal with the brace position? Where is the safest place to sit on a plane? Where does the poop go?

In an attempt to offer an insight into the mysterious world of flying, Studio 10 sat down with Jetstar pilot, Brett Manders, and asked him the tough questions.

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How Do Planes Stay Up In The Sky?

Manders makes it all sound so simple: "Imagine a nice summer day. You’re driving in your car and you stick your hand out the window and as you put your hand through the air and move it up and down that’s what the wind does to the wings."

If The Plane’s About To Crash Where’s The Best Place To Sit?

"Just remember," Manders cautions, "we’re on board the plane as well and we all wanna get home safely. So, we’re not gonna let anything untoward happen."

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He went on to add that "every airplane seat is perfectly safe and if anything is going to happen it would happen to us first."

Is It More Dangerous During Take Off or Touch Down?

According to Manders the answer is neither.

He explains: "Both of those phases of flight are more involved and more complex than the flight itself, but we have defenses to make sure it is and remains safe."

The veteran pilot when on to reveal that pilots are ordered to observe a 'sterile cockpit' during both those two phases of flight.

"It begins the moment the last door on the airplane is closed, to when we reach our cruising altitude or start our descent in the landing. During that time we’re only allowed to talk about operational things that are related to that flight. It usually lasts about 30 minutes or so," he said.

What Do Flight Crew Do If They Think Someone's Joining The Mile High Club?

Manders said this one "is probably a lot more urban legend than reality".

"I’ve certainly never heard it happen in my career ... and aeroplane toilets are really small," he said.

Does Having The Phone On During The Flight Really Affect The Plane?

Manders said that the while "on an individual basis it possibly might be OK" there would be interference if everyone did it.

He explained it thus: "Remember when mobile phones first came out and the speaker in your car would crackle when it would first ring? That’s kind of the interference we’re talking about here."

Where Does The Poop Go?

After laughing off the question, Manders got to the bottom of it: "There are no number one's or number two's floating through the air. It all goes into the belly of the plane and on landing we get water and waste services to come and empty it out."

Why Do We Need To Keep The Blinds Open For Take Off And Landing?

Manders said that while it mean seem unnecessary, it's an important safety took for cabin crew.

"In the event that we did have a non-normal issue and the cabin crew needed to see outside if there’s danger and we had to evacuate -- it will help them see which side is safer to go out," he said.

What's The Deal With 'Disarming The Door'?

Manders explained that those emergency escape doors we're briefed about in the in flight safety demo will open during an emergency and slides will automatically deploy.

He added: "Disarming the door is disabling that automatic activation -- so when we come in the doors are open and the bridge is deployed."

Does The Brace Position Really Protect Us?

According to Manders, absolutely.

"It’s been designed by ergonomic engineers and will help minimise the impact of whiplash or protect your head if iPads and computers go flying," he said.

Via Ten Daily

My view: The pilot answers all the questions flyers could ever want to ask, they're questions that run through your head every time you fly. If you're a nervous flyer and even if you're not these may well be questions that run through your head when you're on a plane.

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