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England star Dele Alli is filmed ‘demanding to be upgraded to £3,000-a-night penthouse suite’ ’ – bu

England footballer Dele Alli was filmed ranting in a London hotel lobby after being refused the chance to party in the penthouse with team mate Ross Barkley, it was claimed, just hours after the national squad defeated Croatia.

Intent on celebrating their Nations League win at Wembley, the pair were apparently seen attempting to negotiate an upgrade at the luxurious May Fair in London at 5am on Monday morning.

Alli, 22, the £150,000-a-week Spurs midfielder, was filmed gesturing at staff and talking loudly.

On the clip, Alli is heard saying: ‘Fourteen grand. Think I’ll put up with any of this sh*t? What are you going to do for me? I’m just . . . but I’ve got a room here tonight.’

However, it is difficult to make out the conversation over the narration from the man filming the scene.

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Two members of staff were seen talking with Dele Alli who was reportedly angry he could not get an upgrade as he hoped to celebrate England’s win against Croatia

Mr Alli waved his hand in the air as he spoke with hotel staff – reportedly complaining that he had already spent £14,000 at the hotel

The member of the public who filmed the row claimed it happened at a 5-star hotel in Mayfair, central London, at ‘5 o’clock in the morning’ and alleged that both footballers were ‘p***** as anything’.

The man filming says: ‘Ross Barkley and Dele Alli, acting like a pair of c**** in here. Embarrassing. Look at them, p***** as anything. Dele Alli telling everyone he spent 14 grand in here. …Embarrassment, these are England players. Absolute disgrace.’

‘These are England players, look, these are role models.’

However, England fans defended the players and said the man was hoping for ‘five minutes of fame’ as they labelled him ‘pathetic’ for trying to embarrass the players who were simply celebrating hard work.

Dave Reel said: ‘Looks more like an Arsenal fan trying to have a pop at Spurs and Chelsea players to me. Doesn’t look like they’re doing much wrong to be honest. Couple of young lads returning after a night out.’

Another man added: ‘I thought the same. They’re young lads. Let them have night out for goodness sake’

Sam Johnson said: ‘There’s no evidence it’s 5am either. There’s evidence of someone trying to grab some fame though…’

Darren White added: ‘You’ll need to look for your 5 minutes of fame somewhere else, slightly embarrassing big man.’

Regular rooms at the hotel cost £350 but the penthouse costs £3,000-a-night.

The other man who onlookers said was Ross Barkley remained quiet throughout the entire exchange

Dele Alli leans over the counter ans gestures towards staff. The man filming the clip talks over the conversation but insists the pair were trying to negotiate an upgrade

The film ends with a man in a suit – believed to work at the hotel – attempting to take a selfie with the footballer – indicating no offence had been caused

The clip posted on social media lasts 36 seconds.

A member of staff is seen approaching the pair from behind and stands watch as Alli continues to press his point.

However, rather than chastise them, he appears to try and take a selfie with Alli, before the clip ends.

Dele Alli, 22, signed a new six-year Tottenham deal last month to stay at the club until 2024

Barkley, who signed a £90,000-a-week deal at Chelsea in the summer

A source told The Sun: ‘They wanted to move to the penthouse suite and bring a lot of people back but were only allowed two people in a room.

‘Staff were very taken aback as they were tipsy and a little irate.’

The central London hotel, Chelsea, Spurs and the FA all said they did not want to comment.

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Via Daily Mail

My view: The person that filmed it is pathetic, Dele Alli is entitled to his privacy, he just wants to have fun after England's win against Croatia.

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