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Cheating wife, her lover and his daughter jailed over shooting of terminally ill husband

A cheating wife, her lover and his daughter have been jailed for between 15 and 17 years over a plot to kill her husband by shooting him in the face.

Hayley Weatherall, 32, from the village of Ash, near Sandwich in Kent, cried in the dock as she was given a minimum sentence of 15 years for conspiracy to murder.

Her lover Glenn Pollard, 49, from West Stourmouth, will serve at least 17 years in prison.

His daughter Heather Pollard, 20, who shot Mr Weatherall after other attempts to kill him failed, was handed a minimum sentence of 15 years.

Victim: Ray Weatherall, who has terminal brain cancer, was shot in the face but survived

Raymond Weatherall, 53, a diabetic who found out in 2015 that he had terminal brain cancer, survived being shot in the face at Sandwich Marina on 29 November last year.

Judge Adele Williams said: "This was cruelty of a high degree. Cold, calculated and chilling cruelty," as she sentenced the trio at Maidstone Crown Court.

Ray Weatherall was shot at Sandwich Marina

The court heard the three had planned other attempts on Mr Weatherall's life before and after the shooting, including giving him an insulin overdose and another attempted shooting.

The three denied the charge but were unanimously convicted by a jury of eight men and four women.

Image:Police found a long-barrelled bolt action firearm at the Pollard house

Following a tip-off from the public that Mrs Weatherall and Pollard were involved in the shooting, police discovered the pair were in a relationship and wanted the victim dead.

Detectives found Pollard's daughter, Heather, was not at work on the day, her car was placed at the scene before and during the shooting, and it was seen being driven away minutes after the attack.

Pollard and his daughter were arrested in January and a search of their house uncovered mobile phones, cameras and a number of registered firearms, including a bolt-action rifle.

The bullet is still wedged between Mr Weatherall's temple and jaw

Experts believe this could be the weapon that was used to fire bullet which, due to pre-existing health reasons, is still wedged between Mr Weatherall's temple and jaw.

Hundreds of text messages between father and daughter were found in which they explored ways of killing someone and worried about keeping their messages a secret.

A search of their browsing history showed they looked at ways to poison and kill their victim without being caught, discussions which continued after the shooting and included Mrs Weatherall.

Glenn and Heather Pollard were charged in February, Mrs Weatherall a month later.

Investigating officer, PC Paul Wilson, said the victim was "lucky to be alive" following the "despicable" actions of the three.

"He's had to come to terms with the fact that three people close to him who he cared about were so intent on hurting him," he added.

Police found a long-barrelled bolt action firearm at the Pollard house

Via SKY News

My view: This is cruel, why are some people so evil?

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