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Cheryl slammed by viewers for 'X-RATED' performance and 'AWFUL' vocals during X Fact

X Factor fans were left disgusted with Cheryl on last night's show as she performed her new single, Love Made Me Do It.

The singer and former judge of the reality show returned for her first stage performance in four years.

But viewers weren't impressed by her raunchy dance moves and her "awful" vocals.

Cheryl kicked off her performance by crawling on the floor and licking her hand, then gyrating on the stage while surrounded by toned male dancers.

Cheryl's ex Liam Payne's former bandmate Louis Tomlinson, looked uncomfortable as he watched Cheryl's racy dance moves.

X Factor fans took to Twitter to complain about the pre-watershed performance.

"This is actually s***… Why did she lick her hand at the start there..." said one.

Another fan said "Good job Cheryl is fit cos she can’t sing at all #XFactor"

Oh Cheryl! That was worse than a Louis Walsh act week one of the live shows Know when to stop. Thank u, next," agreed another.

"I’ve never been a fan of Cheryl but that was a terrible performance and the song was just as bad. I really don’t know who she thinks she is?" said a third.

"Cheryl should have been voted off," joked another.

The performance, which was very similar to the music video for the song, prompted a standing ovation from the judges.

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My view: Cheryl is a good dancer but I don't get the x-rated moves, which has sparked complaints to watchdog Ofcom from viewers, who branded her set 'too raunchy' it was over the top and her vocals were awful, it's like she was stimulating herself in a sexual way, just crass. I think she should look for something else to do or just concentrate on her son, as she doesn't really need the money, she's a millionaire.

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