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Tess Holliday says everyone can feel sexy no matter their body shape.

Tess Holliday often speaks out about her figure and now has declared that “fat folk have bomb sex.”

The plus-size model, 33, went on the Busy Philipps' new talk show, Busy Tonight, on Wednesday and said everyone can feel sexy no matter their body shape.

Tess Holliday said that she wants everyone to know that 'fat people have bomb sex'

The host told the outspoken Instagram star that she loves how she has “owned her sexuality” on social media.

Tess, who is a UK dress size 26, replied: “I think it is important to tell people that fat folks have bomb sex.

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“I want to feel sexy. I want to be sexy, whether I am having sex or not... The world just wants to cover up marginalised bodies and I'm not here for it.

“That’s why I use my social media to tell people, ‘stop hiding, stop listening to society’.”

Tess told chat show host Busy Philipps on her Busy Tonight show on Wednesday that she wants to be sexy, whether she is having sex or not

Tess regularly speaks about body confidence and accepting your own skin

Tess also spoke about how she tries to not let trolls get her down.

She said: “I’m too busy to cry all the time. I’ll just blast Robyn’s new album and I’ll find a song that makes me feel good and I’ll just get over it and I just have to remind myself who the f**k I am.

“It does get to me, I just have to try and do something nice for myself that day and remind myself that tomorrow is a new day.”

She admits she does get nasty comments from trolls but tries to not let it get her down

The size 26 model credits learning to love her body with her good sex life

The chat show wasn’t the first time Tess has spoken about her sex life with husband Nick Holliday.

She revealed she had previously had "a lot of" bad sex - but that all changed after she started accepting her body.

She told Cosmopolitan: "I've had a lot of bad sex my whole life, so it's nice to have good sex now.

"And if you're doing it right, then it should be messy."

Tess also claims that sex makes her feel empowered and more connected to her partner, Nick Holliday, who she shares two sons with.

She told Busy that she uses her social media to tell people to stop listening to society about covering up

She said: "I feel sexy when I can feel in charge of how I present my body and how I am in this world.

"So that means if I'm naked or wearing the most ridiculous outfit - to me, I love to feel empowered, and to me that is sexy."

The tattooed bombshell also shared some details of experimenting in the bedroom.

She said: "We need to keep rules out of the bedroom. I think as long as you and your partner are happy and it's consensual and it's something that you both feel comfortable with, then why not try it and why not explore it?

"You never know, you might find something that you like.

"There are things that I didn't think I would like that I did and it's because I gave it a shot."

Via The Sun

My view: Oh really, I don't get how anyone can feel sexy going naked to attract reaction just to make money and appear on the front cover of popular magazines, knowing full well the Health benefits of eating well is very important. You can't eat your cake and have, Tess wants the haters to kiss her ass, I don't think anyone hates her, they're just stating facts, if celebs share provocative/naked pictures of themselves on social media, they should expect both positive and negative comments online. Tess Holliday is not a good role model, she's all about showcasing her body as being sexy, she doesn't promote anything positive, about how people should eat well and lose weight. You can't continue to eat too much and pretend that you're healthy, celebrating obesity is irresponsible.

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