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Identity of the thug who raped a pregnant woman in front of her daughter in Nairobi's Huruma est

On the silent night of Sunday, November 4, two criminals pounced on a hapless expectant Nairobi woman and gang raped her in front of her daughter as she headed to hospital to deliver.

The police have since identified one of the rapists as Kamau alias Kamare who stays with an uncle, Simimi, in Mlango Kubwa estate adjacent to Huruma slums.

The uncle is still on the run.

Kamau was among criminals who raped expectant woman(blurred face) in front of her daughter. Photo: Hesy wa Dandora/Facebook.

The scared pair was dragged to a field popularly referred to as St Theresa's where they were asked not to scream.

"Kamau alias Kamare raped a pregnant woman in presence of her daughter who had just completed her KCPE exams.

The woman miscarried but luckily, both the victim and the kid survived.

A few days later, he decided to escort a threatening letter in person to the woman trying to test if she would recognise him," said undercover police Hesy wa Dandora. previously reported the unnamed woman had complained of labour pains on Sunday, November 4, forcing her to call a neighbour for help.

The neighbour then went ahead to contact a motorbike rider and instructed him to wait for the pregnant woman and her daughter at the stage.

The mother together with her child set out to where the rider was waiting when two men came out of nowhere and accosted them.

A few days later, the victim who was able to recognise her tormentors received a letter from Kamau threatening to kill her should she report the case to the authority.

The terse but chilling letter was delivered by a boda boda rider.

According to Hessy, the suspect works in cahoots with three other accomplices only identified as Wang'ombe, Simimi and Bandu. Bandu was gunned down barely a week ago.

Via TUKO News

My view: This scumbag should be castrated and his right arm cut off, so he won't have the power to rape another woman. He's a despicable human being, I don't think he deserves to live, he should get the death penalty, he's such an evil person.

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