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Mom beaten, choked on subway after kid asks question : cops

A woman was put in a chokehold and hit over the head with a cellphone by an angry mom while both were riding the subway earlier this month, cops said, New York Post reported.

The 50-year-old victim was on a Queens-bound E train on Nov. 1 when her 8-year-old son asked her why another child on the train was wearing a costume, according to police.

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The mother of the costumed child then got upset and confronted the victim.

“Tell your f–king son not to disrespect my child,” the suspect said, according to a police source.

The angry mom, wearing eyeglasses and braided hair, began to repeatedly smack the victim over the head with her phone in a subway attack caught on video.

A second suspect, wearing a blue jacket and red baseball cap, also allegedly put the woman in a chokehold, cops said.

The chokehold, however, could not be seen in the video footage.

Cops were looking for the two suspects Tuesday night.

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Via New York Post

My view: Wow, this is subway rage, honestly some people have no shame. I don't get why the angry mom allegedly attacked the woman, just because an 8-year-old child asked an innocent question. Her reaction was over the top.

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