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2-year-old Girl ‘screamed and cried while being raped by dad for dark web video’

A two year-old girl ‘screamed and cried’ while being raped by her father in an eight minute video he uploaded to the dark web, police say.

Horrifying details of the abuse the toddler allegedly suffered at the hands of her father James Lockhart were outlined as it was revealed he faces the death penalty if convicted of the abuse.

A criminal complaint seen by WFLA explained: ‘The video documents the rape.

‘The toddler continues to scream and cry.’ According to the Miami Herald, Lockhart, 30, also made posts on securely encrypted web pages detailing his sexual experiences with a young girl and boy, while asking for suggestions of things he could do and promising future updates.

Homeland Security officers traced Lockhart to his home through instant messaging service Kik on October 5.

They showed the alleged pedophile’s wife clips with the little girl’s face blurred out.

She is said to have instantly recognized her daughter, her husband’s hand, their couch and the girl’s stuffed animal toy, an indictment claims.

Further analysis proved that the hand in the video matched Lockhart’s, with handwriting analysis further showing that the father’s script matched a handwritten sign seen on-screen.

The girl alleged to have been abused and her twin brother were taken into custody on the day of their father’s arrest.

An indictment seen by the Herald explained that Lockhart was initially investigated by Boston-based agents trying to track down the people behind child abuse clips.

The suspect is said to have made other postings under the name HardWood.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office say Lockhart is facing numerous charges, including capital sexual battery – meaning he could be put to death if convicted.

Via Metro

My view: Death penalty for this monster, how could anyone do this to a defenceless child, he deserves a slow and painful death

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