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Theresa May gives speech in Parliament as Esther McVey becomes latest minister to quit Cabinet after

Theresa May's future was plunged into doubt today as high-profile Cabinet ministers Dominic Raab and Esther McVey resigned in protest at the draft Brexit deal, Evening Standard reported.

The embattled Prime Minister was briefing MPs in the House of Commons on the draft deal on Thursday morning amid a fierce backlash to her plans and after the resignations were announced.

Mrs May is facing a battle to get the deal, which was passed by Cabinet on Wednesday night, through Parliament with Brexiteer Conservative MPs, Remainers, the Labour party and the DUP all saying they will vote down the plan. She has been accused of breaking promises and handing control back to Brussels.

Reports suggest a vote of confidence could be forced through by lunchtime, which if lost would trigger a Tory party leadership contest.

Esther McVey

Dominic Raab

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My view: If MPs vote down the Brexit deal, Theresa May should step down and allow the power hungry members of her party to try their luck and see if they can get a better deal.

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