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Moment 101-year-old woman mistakes Angela Merkel for Emmanuel Macron's wife... and reacts with s

A 101-year-old woman mistook Angela Merkel for Emmanuel Macron's wife ( @SimonHunterfilm/ )

This is the touching moment a 101-year-old woman mistook German Chancellor Angela Merkel for Emmanuel Macron’s wife at an armistice commemoration.

The unnamed French woman, wrapped up in white knitwear, waited in the rain at the commemoration and was left brimming with excitement after meeting president Emmanuel Macron.

Turning to Angela Merkel shortly after, the centenarian, who turned 101 on Monday, clutched the German Chancellor’s hand in hers and asked: “Are you Madame Macron?”

Explaining she was not Mr Macron’s wife Brigitte, Ms Merkel replied: “No, I’m the Chancellor of Germany.”

The chancellor and a nearby interpreter then repeated to the 101-year-old in French that she was the German chancellor, prompting the 101-year-old to exclaim: “It’s fantastic!”

In a touching exchange just moments earlier, the pensioner told Mr Macron: “I can’t believe that a little woman like me is shaking hands with the President of the Republic.”

“Don’t make me cry,” she added. “Oh, I can’t believe it. It’s an incredible birthday.”

A woman accompanying the centenarian told Mr Macron and Ms Merkel that she will be 101 years old on Monday, stating that she was born on November 12, 1917.

Mr Macron kissed her goodbye and wished her a happy birthday before the elderly bystander thanked them both and promised to return for next year’s commemoration.

Earlier on Sunday, the French president and German chancellor unveiled a plaque to Franco-German reconciliation before signing a book of remembrance and laying a wreath.

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Via Evening Standard

My view: The woman is so sweet, she looks delighted in the video. President Macron wasn't bothered about her comment, he gets on well with Angela Merkle.

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