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Dashcam shows two drivers grapple in the street after tailgating mondeo man confronts motorist with

This is the shocking moment that two motorists grapple in the street after a Ford Mondeo driver tailgates the other car and confronts a man with a weapon.

Dash cam footage captured the road rage incident in Oldbury, West Midlands, last month and one of the driver's pregnant wife can be heard shouting at them to stop.

The video shows a couple driving through the town on October 20 before a Ford Mondeo roars into view behind them and starts tailgating their vehicle.

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When the Mondeo driver does eventually overtake, he stops in the middle of the road, forcing the other driver to also come to a halt.

The incensed Mondeo driver then gets out of his vehicle and approaches the car he is blocking.

The driver from whose car the whole incident is being filmed also gets out of his vehicle and shouts at the Mondeo driver to get back in his car.

The Mondeo driver retreats to his car but then produces a weapon, thought to be a metal bar, as the other man takes off his jumper and continues to walk forwards.

When the other driver spies the weapon, he immediately takes the Mondeo driver to the ground where the two grapple before being pulled apart by passersby.

A woman also gets out of the car with the dash cam and can be heard screaming 'stop' as she walks over to the men wresting on the floor.

After a few seconds the two men stand back up and walk to their separate cars, however tensions are still high and a passerby stands in between them.

In a final verbal confrontation before the incident is over the Mondeo driver speaks to the woman from the other car and waves his arms around.

The other man walks back over but the passerby doesn't let them come to blows again.

The woman then shouts for the man to 'get back in the car' and the door can be heard slamming as the Mondeo drives off.

The driver of the vehicle with the dash cam later claimed he only acted the way he did to protect his heavily pregnant wife from coming to any harm.

Culled from Daily Mail

My view: Why are people so angry, why threaten your opponent with dangerous weapon when you're too lazy to fight?, don't start a fight if you're not up to the challenge.

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