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Prince Charles says he will stop speaking out

Prince Charles has pledged he will not be an interfering king and will reign as monarch in a similar way to his mother, ITV reported.

In an interview about his future role, the Heir to the Throne dismissed accusations that he does too much "meddling".

The Prince of Wales turns 70 next week and is the longest serving Prince of Wales in British history.

The Prince of Wales says he will stop speaking out on topics he feels strongly about when he becomes king, as he is "not that stupid".

He has campaigned on issues such as the environment for decades but says he would not do the same as monarch.

Speaking in a BBC documentary to mark his 70th birthday, Prince Charles said the idea that he would continue making interventions was "nonsense".

He said he would have to operate within "constitutional parameters".

In the documentary, Prince Charles was asked about his campaigning, which some people have described as "meddling".

Documentary film-maker John Bridcut, who followed the royal for 12 months, said Prince Charles "bridled a bit" at the use of the word "meddling" and instead preferred to think of his interventions as "motivating".

The heir to the throne said: "If it's meddling to worry about the inner cities as I did 40 years ago, then if that's meddling I'm proud of it."

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