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One person has been killed, and another two injured, after a man went on a stabbing frenzy in Bourke Street, Melbourne, this afternoon, 0News reported.

Video shows a man wielding what appears to be a knife and attacking a group of police officers near the intersection of Swanston Street about 4.20pm today.

The man is then shot in the chest by one of the officers.

The suspect pictured attacking police

In the moments before the attack, Superintendent David Clayton confirmed the suspect had stabbed three other people.

One of the victims has died, while the others have been taken to hospital. The condition of the surviving pair is unknown.

Witnesses have told 9News they heard a loud bang before the car burst into flames.

A car on fire near Target on Bourke Street.

The police officers filmed in the video were not injured.

The confrontation occurred moments after a car burst into flames near the intersection of Swanston Street, in the heart of the CBD.

The suspect has been taken to hospital in a critical condition under police guard.

Crowds are being told to avoid the Bourke Street area.

Supt Clayton said police are not looking for any offenders at this stage.

“There is no known link to terrorism. Will keep an open mind as to whether it is linked,” he said.

“It is very early in the investigation.”

The public continues to be urged to avoid the centre of the city, with hundreds of police officers and emergency services on scene.

There is no traffic access from Swanston Street to Exhibition Street, VicRoads said in a statement.

Emergency services at the scene on Bourke Street.

"The road will be re-opened when investigations are complete and it's safe to do so."

Tram services have also been halted on Swanston and Bourke Streets.

Witness are being urged to come forward to police at Melbourne West Station.

Leah Drew told 9News she heard a loud bang before the car fire.

"I saw the car on fire, it was a skeleton of the car. I people running and screaming, and the ambulance shouting there was a car bomb," she said.

Via 9News

My view: The crazy knifeman appears daring in the video, as he fights police with his knife, the police officers are heroes for distracting him away from attacking people, putting themselves in danger. Thank goodness the evil man didn't use a gun, he would have killed so many people like the California massacre. Ban your guns America, that's the only solution that can stop the senseless shootings.

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