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My sexy girlfriend is pregnant and wants to marry – but I miss my wife


DEAR DEIDRE: HOT sex with my girlfriend broke up my marriage. Now she is expecting my baby and wants me to marry her, but I’m desperate to go back to my wife.

I was married for ten years to my lovely wife who is 39. I am 41. We have two boys.

Sex with this young beautiful girl has been just incredible

I own a couple of hairdressing salons and I took on an apprentice in one of the shops. She was 22 so a bit older than the usual trainee but she seemed enthusiastic and reliable.

She came over two days a week to my salon for training after work. We had a very busy week in the run-up to last Christmas so I offered her a drink when my last customer had left.

We were sitting on the chairs at reception and she surprised me by coming and sitting on my lap. She said she’d always liked me and she leaned towards me and I kissed her.

There were no second chances when my wife caught me cheating - I was out

She was totally up for it. My wife hadn’t kissed me like that in years.

We had sex in my office and it was mind-blowing. We continued to see each other from that moment whenever we could, until one night my wife marched into the shop to see whether I’d take the boys with her to see Father Christmas.

She caught us about to have sex. She went berserk and insisted I pack my bags and leave.

I moved in with my trainee as I had nowhere else to go but it’s not been great. She means well but she’s half my age and it feels like that.

I'm gutted when I think about what I've lost because of a stupid mistake

She looks great but at times I find her boring. She’s now just told me she’s pregnant but she could see the look of horror on my face. She’s now saying that I’ll feel better about it if I divorce and we arrange a quick wedding, but I know I won’t.

Deep down I love my wife. I see her when I collect the boys and I know I’ve made a big mistake. How can I convince her to take me back?


DEIDRE SAYS: Beg and say how sorry you are. Don’t try to excuse your behaviour. Tell her you never stopped loving her, that your cheating was inexcusable but you want the chance to rebuild what you had.

Ask what you have to do to get your relationship back on track. It will be great for your boys if you two can be happy together again.

However your wife responds, you have to be honest with your lover.

Tell her you don’t think your relationship will survive the strain of having a child. Will she want to go ahead with the pregnancy as a single parent?

My e-leaflet on Unplanned Pregnancy explains where she can find support.

If she continues with the pregnancy, though, of course you should be an involved dad as well as supporting him or her financially.

Source: The Sun

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