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Gambian actress Princess Shyngle shows off her massive cleavage in a plunging red dress as she slams

Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has reacted to the backlash she got after she threw a shade at the wife of former Chelsea football ace, Michael Essien. When news broke out that the footballer’s wife had packed out of her matrimonial home, Princess Shyngle, who has been blamed as the cause, took to social media to label her a dumb woman.

She wrote: “If you leave your husband’s house because he’s still in love with his ex and can’t let her go then you should definitely receive the dumbest wife of the year award”

However, her comment was followed by heavy backlash from people who felt she showed no remorse after wrecking another woman’s home. Reacting to the backlash, Princess Shyngle wrote:

”Don’t fight meaningless battles. Not every opinion is worth your energy. Know who you are and that’s enough. You don’t have to explain yourself to people who aren’t adding any value in your life.”

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My view: I totally agree with Princess Shyngle that Michael Essien's wife's decision to move out of her matrimonial home was pointless just because of another woman, why leave your husband if he's still in love with you? maybe she doesn't want to share him with his ex, some men are unbelievable.

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