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“Linda Ikeji never entered a hospital” – Kemi Olunloyo and Laura Ikeji war of words on social mediaB

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has launched social media attack on popular blogger, Linda Ikeji weeks after welcoming her baby in the United States.

Since the new mom announced her pregnancy, Olunloyo has slammed the blogger claiming that the pregnancy and eventual birth is a hoax.

In a new attack, Olunloyo claims Linda Ikeji who shared series of photos and videos from her delivery in Emory Hospital, United States “never entered a hospital“. She goes on to reveal that a nurse at the said hospital has information to prove that Linda staged the birth of her own child.

In her response to Kemi Olunloyo's comments, Linda's sister, Laura wrote on Instagram, “So many lies being carried around, a child is any woman’s biggest achievement. My sister is very happy and in a beautiful space, how low can u go? You know yourselves, you’re the supposed classy ones, how low?? Leave us alone fam, we ‘re one big happy family. We ‘re good over here fam.

Kemi Olunloyo responded, “The towncrier can’t take it anymore. Laura Ikeji trolling me to leave her family alone after all their lies have been EXPOSED! U are not suing anymore ? PATHETIC LIARS OF A FAMILY.”

Olunloyo then shared a video asking Linda Ikeji to apologise for ruining her brand, else she will “tell Nigeria where your Surrogate baby is“.

Kemi's post:

My view: But why would anyone lie about being pregnant, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a baby through a surrogate. Kemi Olunloyo said that, Linda Ikeji had her baby through surrogate, that she didn't carry the pregnancy herself and she lied to her fans about it. Kemi also claimed that Linda is not a self made billionaire, that Nigerian oil tycoons and politicians, who looted Nigeria dry made her. She also said Linda Ikeji lied about her age, that she's 42 not 38. Well Linda looked pregnant in the pictures. Honestly, some Nigerian celebs lie about being self made while they're being bankrolled by politicians who stole from oil revenue. It's like what oil billionaire Folorunsho Alakija told her Instagram followers that she worked very hard to be where she is today, absolutely not, she didn't work hard because she's making easy money through the oil licence her late friend Maryam's husband ex Nigerian president Babangida's government issued her Just days before Ibrahim Babangida left office. This woman donated millions to Babangida's University Lapai in Niger state, she has 60% of oil stake while millions of Nigerians are suffering, where's the economic justice? Nigerian politicians are so corrupt, imagine another ex president Obasanjo made 25 of his friends and cronies oil billionaires and neglected ordinary citizens and now his then vice president Abubakar Atiku is running to be president in 2019, after neglecting Nigerians during his tenure in office. Both Obasanjo and Atiku refused to put in place unemployment benefit while someone like Alakija laugh all the way to the bank with billions of Dollars in oil revenue. The oil belongs to all Nigerians but majority live in extreme poverty.

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