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Sholaye Jeremi impregnates another woman, dumps Linda Ikeji and her baby (Photos)

Fresh reports are claiming that celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji, has been finding single motherhood a bit tougher than she envisaged, as her baby daddy is insisting on not having anything to do with her and her baby.

The reports say babydaddy, Sholaye Jeremi is head over heels in love with former model and owner of Beth Africa Modelling Agency, Elizabeth Elohor.

“He prefers Elohor and the two are an item. He has vowed not to have anything to do with Linda and her family. Maybe what made him more furious was the fact that Linda made her baby’s name public and used Sholaye’s name. She should have gotten approval to do that, You don’t thrust a baby at a man who has denied paternity of that baby from the outstet,” source informed Kemi Ashefon.

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The Italy based Ex Miss Nigeria UK is reportedly pregnant for Linda’s baby daddy, (she is a divorced mum of two) is said to be the woman Sholaye’s heart beats for.

“Elohor is more reserved, quiet in the media and exhibitno drama unlike the Ikeji family. No serious businessman will want to have anything do with either a Linda or her loud family whoselife is all on the social media for all to read,” the source said.

Since Linda was delivered of her baby Jayce Jeremi on Monday, September 17, 2018, it has been an outbreak of news on paternity and whether she had the baby naturally or through a surrogate.

A very private person, Sholaye, who is an Itsekiri guy was said to have dated Lagos socialite, Alali Hart, a beauty entrepreneur who runs Montaigne Place.

Elizabeth Elohor

In his 40s, Sholayemi who lives in Ikoyi where Linda Ikeji also stays, is on a first name basis with quite a number of money bags such as Femi Otedola, former governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan, Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu etc.

Kemiashefonlovehaven source revealed, “He’s currently seeing a very decent lady who’s divorced and he was said to have been begged by Linda’s parents to marry Linda.

He has refused bluntly and has not picked any calls from the Ikejis. He was said to have blocked Linda from reaching him too.”

Linda Ikeji’s baby daddy

Rumours have it that, Linda and Jeremi met in their neighbourhood sometime in 2016, during one of Jeremi’s routine drive-around in his Rolls Royce. They hit it off at once and consequently became entangled in a bottled-up amorous relationship. The cloak, which concealed their relationship could pass a CIA clandestine test. Both lovers were able to blank out virtually everyone from having the slightest insight into there relationship.

For Sholaye, his reluctance or more likely, his disagreement, of a publicized relationship with a very popular figure as Linda is quite understandable. Sholaye Jeremi’s entire life and business rests on the side of his proven degree of confidentiality, such that, a keen investigative look into his life and wealth could reveal some skeleton in the wardrobe. This will obviously be disastrous for him, and more importantly, it would be disastrous for his trusted allies and business associates.

Linda, on the other hand, is technically the grand Empress of the Nigerian Blogosphere and the entire Nigerian media sphere. She breaths, feeds and survive by poking into the lives and revealing private and sometimes, damaging information about popular figures within the country. This puts her in an extremely tough position, as her supposed fiance, Sholaye Jeremi, is a complete corporate-introvert, Infonaija reported.

Culled from InfoNg

My view: I don't get this story at all, it's strange, so why would Linda Ikeji and her loud family's lifestyle on social media reportedly stop a father from having relationship with his own child, it doesn't make sense, if Jeremi doesn't want his name or the child's identity splash on social media, he can work something amicable with his ex-girlfriend Linda. But for the man to reportedly say he just doesn't want to have anything to do with his baby mama and their son is not good enough, except if he's doubting that the baby is his child, then why not have a DNA. If this story is true, I think Linda should take legal action to force her billionaire ex to be part of their son's life, just because Linda is a billionaire herself doesn't mean she has to raise the child alone, what the baby needs is love from both of them.

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