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Kim Kardashian faces fan backlash as they accuse her of ‘photoshopping’ picture with daughter Chicag

Reality star Kim Kardashian, 38, has been accused of photoshoppping a picture with her daughter Chicago.

Last week the mother of three shared a photo of her topless while cradling Chicago to promote her latest beauty range.

Her fans reacted and thought Kim's arm looked a bit unusual in the picture she shared on Instagram.

But Kim's eagle-eyed fans are convinced there is something not quite right with the image she posted and have suggested she may have photoshopped her arm.

One fan wrote: “Ngl her arms look a bit photoshopped and that @sumayya.islam.”

A second commented: “Why does her arm look odd?”

While a third wrote: “Your arm is really disturbing.... don’t you check your photoshopped work before you post? Obviously not.”

Kim is famed for her massive bum

A fourth added: “Poorly photoshopped” and a fifth commented: “The arm looks weird it's hurting my eyes.”

The photo wasn’t the only image from the shoot that fans reacted to, they also commented on her smaller than usual bum in the KKW Beauty campaign.

The reality star can be seen in the pictures in question perched on the podium, wearing just a nude colour bodysuit, next to a naked male model - with a small bum.

Kim captioned the post: "@david_lachapelle for @kkwbeauty wearing GOLD Big Bank & Rollie available now at"

Her followers felt her bum looked smaller in this image too:

Scroll down for video

My view: Why share a picture that showed your baby almost naked for the world to see?, Just think about the babies who have no bodyguards/security and are being savagely raped murdered by depraved perverts, who see pictures like this and think evil. It's tasteless I wonder when and if you'll ever learn from your past mistakes. Millions of likes and making money is cool but there's nothing better than protecting your child's dignity on social media.

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