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I finally found my dream girl and we’ve had months of bliss — then her mum told her we’d had sex

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD fabulous sex with a beautiful girl I know from school. It wasn’t just sex, it was real love and was followed by two months of bliss. Then she found out I’d had sex with her mum.

I’m 22 and have just finished university. I’m job-hunting, so I’m living back at home. This girl is 21 and was the best-looking girl in the school. I used to dream about her when she was in the year below me.

I went to a party one night last month and was thrilled when I saw she was there. She seemed pleased to see me. We started to chat and it felt like she fancied me too.

She was gazing straight into my eyes and kept touching my arm. I was shocked when she whispered: “Let’s go upstairs.” I wasn’t going to say no. The sex was a dream and I knew I was deeply in love.

We started dating and I was the happiest I’ve ever been. We went for walks and we went to see bands. It was just how I’d dreamed life could be.

Then one night I drove her back home for the first time. Her house looked familiar but I couldn’t think why. She invited me in for coffee and there, waiting for her in the hall, was her mum.

We had two months of bliss together - then her MUM told her we'd had sex

My heart sank when I saw who it was. I’d met her at my parents’ silver wedding barbecue. We’d chatted and she said she’d once worked with my mum. She was on her own as her husband was working away.

Later that evening my mum asked me to drive her friend home because she was over the limit. When we got to her house she asked me in for coffee. She said what a good-looking young man I was and seduced me. It was fun but no way did I want a repeat. She must be at least twice my age.

She’s now told my girlfriend we had an affair and my girlfriend has finished with me. I miss her and want her back.

DEIDRE SAYS: If that was a one-off for you, it was very bad luck. It’s likely that she put the blame on to you, too.

Whatever she said, I’m sure you can see that your post-party fling puts the mockers on things.

Can you imagine family gatherings if your relationship went the whole way? Can you imagine the mother allowing it to?

She’s clearly decided that’s not going to happen and she’ll be doing her utmost to keep you apart, even assuming her daughter was willing to see you again.

I do understand that this felt like true love but you’ve plenty of time to find someone new – without all the hassle you’ve run into now.

Back off gracefully. The best you can do is write a sweet note to your ex saying you are sorry things turned out that way and saying how special she is. Don’t mention her mother at all because some things are best left unsaid.

Learn from what happened so you have no more nasty surprises like this.

Source: The Sun

My view: That's bad, betrayal to the Highest Degree. It's better for you to move on, because she'll never forgive you.

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