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Celebrities support boy after all 32 classmates miss his sixth birthday party

A boy from Tuscon, Arizona, has been inundated with messages of support, including from celebrities, after none of his 32 invited classmates came to his sixth birthday.

Teddy Mazzini, was pictured sitting alone at an empty table laid out with dozens of party-themed plates, napkins and cups.

The boy's picture at the pizza party was posted on Facebook by his mother Sil Mazzini and captioned: "A few people had the courtesy to respond that they were unable to make it, but out of everyone else, no one came.

"I'm done with parties for a while."

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The photo has since caught the attention of Phoenix basketball and football teams, who offered Teddy free tickets to celebrate with them.

Also music producer DJ Khaled wished Teddy a happy birthday and said he wanted to send him a gift.

Khaled wrote on Instagram: "Bless up and happy birthday to the Young King Teddy! The Khaled Family, @asahdkhaled and the We The Best foundation want to send you a birthday present!"

DJ Khaled said he wanted to send Teddy a birthday present

And football side Phoenix Rising also invited Teddy to a playoff game.

Celebrities and sports teams, other Facebook users extended their support to Teddy and his family.

Tyler Hendrick wrote: "From one friend to another. People are wonderful, but the quantity matters little.

"It is the quality of those you choose that matter. Be happy and enjoy ALL that pizza!! That is the best part!"

William O'Brien commented: "Happy birthday my man. Once you realise happiness is from the inside stuff like this won't hurt so bad.

"Wish I'd known I'd have made the drive to see you. Happy birthday lil fella."

My view: Wow it's sad that none of his 32 classmates attended the birthday party, well it's not their fault but the parents.

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