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Bride refuses to kiss groom on the altar, pushes him away (video)

In most weddings, the moment every couple looks forward to hearing is when the groom is told to kiss the bride. Normally, when this instruction is passed out, the couple are usually eager to walk into their future with a seal of love.

Well, over time, it has been proven that this is not always the case. Some couples do not in fact get off on a good start, or better put, on a good kiss.

A couple who are most likely Zambian by origin have set a precedence when it comes to those whose first kiss does not exactly turn out right. With the case of this newly wed people, the bride was the one that made a deliberate attempt to foil the beautiful moment.

Even before the priest commanded the groom to kiss his bride, her sober, sad expression gave her unhappiness away. She was fuming from the looks of it and she showed signs of reluctance.

Now, when the officiating minister finally instructed that the couple could kiss, the bride’s reluctance doubled and she pulled herself from her husband who was trying to hold her in his arms.

Unmoved by this, the minister gave the command again and the husband made a go at obtaining a seal of love from his new wife. This time, the newly wedded bride wasn’t ready to give in the least. She pushed off the groom from her.

Watch the video below:

Via Infonaija

My view: They haven't even started their marital life and they're already having problem, if the man cheats on her, then it's the wife's fault, because she pushed him away when he wanted to kiss her. It seems she's not a romantic person or maybe she doesn't like kissing, I don't blame her though, but I don't get it, why not kiss him if he doesn't smoke cigarretes.

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