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TMZ reports that, Heather Locklear was vicious, violent and wished death by AIDS on the children of an EMT that was placing her on a gurney during her June arrest ... so says the EMT in a newly filed lawsuit.

Jennifer Hayn-Hiton -- a single mother of 3 -- was working as an EMT on June 24 when she was dispatched to Locklear's L.A. home for a disturbance call. Hayn-Hiton claims Locklear became verbally and physically abusive during the incident, kicking her and causing injury.

According to the docs -- filed Thursday and obtained by TMZ -- Locklear also wished death on the EMT's 3 minor children from AIDS.

Hayn-Hiton says the injuries at the hands and feet of Locklear caused her to miss work and missed and, as a result, her paycheck shrunk.

TMZ reported that,-- Locklear was charged with interfering with law enforcement and battery. She was hospitalized 24 hours after her release from jail for an apparent overdose... and she's been in rehab ever since.

Hayn-Hiton's attorney, Kevin Flahavan, told TMZ, "This has taken a tremendous toll on our client and her children. When Ms. Locklear went to rehab, we had hoped that she would learn about making amends to those she had harmed."

He continues, "We have reached out to her and she ignored us time and time again. It became apparent that Ms. Locklear wasn't going to accept responsibility for her actions on her own."

As for the lawsuit ... Hayn-Hiton is asking for unspecified damages to cover medical costs, pain and suffering and lost wages.

My view: Why is she suing a person with mental health issues, Heather didn't know what she was doing when she allegedly had nervous breakdown, you knew what you would encounter when you signed up for the risky job. I think Heather should apologise for reportedly saying she wished death by AIDS on the children, when she's well and out of rehab.

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