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Evil Russian estate agent murdered clients by drowning them or burying them alive after duping them

An evil estate agent has admitted leading a sinister Russian gang that tricked vulnerable elderly people to sell their homes for a profit - then killed them and grabbed the properties, say police, Daily Mail reported.

In some cases, the criminal ring 'buried their victims alive'.

Roman Shugaibov, 34, was shown in shocking crime scene videos confessing to police how he murdered lonely homeowners then buried their bodies in illegal graves in cemeteries.

The estate agent led seven men and eight women in his criminal ring - all of them now detained but not identified.

They are known to have killed at least nine victims, but police fear there are more.

Shugaibov, an estate agent from Tver region, north west of Moscow, made a profit of at least £350,000, according to law enforcement.

The gang 'won the trust' of vulnerable people, many of them elderly and prone to drink.

Via Daily Mail

My view: He's beyond evil, greedy devil, I hope they lock him up forever and throw away the key.

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