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Reality star Marnie Simpson is accused of having a bum lift by her fans as she shows off her cosmeti

Reality star Marnie Simpson has been accused by fans of having a bum lift after posting pictures of her bottom on Instagram on Tuesday evening.

Marnie, 26, received mixed reaction from fans while promoting a muscle stimulator on Instagram, with two of the stick on devices attached to her bum.

The D-list celeb wearing only a white gym vest and a racy black thong, showcased her butocks as she stood with her back facing the camera while testing the device.

Explaining the benefit, Marnie said : 'As you may know I have been using it for a few months now, such an amazing device, not only does it stimulate abs, arms and legs! it also works for your buttocks! Loving my results!'

But her followers were sceptical, with some accusing her of spending on cosmetic enhancement surgery – rather than rigorous gym sessions and muscle stimulators, as she claims.

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One fan wrote, 'Nice Brazilian butt lift made by whoever, but there’s no need to advertise and promote false products.'

Another fan commented : 'Please, it's not fair to promote a brand like this when this isn't muscle.'

The backlash came after the reality star confessed to regretting her array of surgical procedures, which includes liposuction, a nose job, lip fillers and a boob job, and said she is terrified to go 'under the knife' again.

My view: I don't get why people pay for look that makes them appear even older than they are. Marnie is 26, I think she should stop having more cosmetic work especially the lip and cheek-fillers, as it makes her look older.

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