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‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Viewers Are Trying To Work Out What Nicole Scherzinger Muttered To Tess Daly

Nicole Scherzinger put in a surprise appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on Saturday night, when she sat in the audience to cheer on her former Pussycat Dolls bandmate Ashley Roberts.

But when Tess Daly squeezed in next to Nicole, the former ‘X Factor’ judge appeared to look less than impressed and muttered something to the host at the start of the link.

Tess Daly had a brief chat with Nicole, who was in the audience with her former Pussycat Dolls bandmate Kimberly Wyatt (right).

It didn’t go unnoticed by some eagle-eyed viewers, who took to Twitter to speculate about what exactly was said in the brief exchange…

Any lipreaders able to work out what Nicole Scherzinger is saying to Tess? Looks a lot like "don't sit so close to me".#scd #strictly

Scroll down for video

Omg I’m so glad someone else picked up on this! We turned tv up and thought it was something to do with being in her space as tess’ hair brushes against her! Her face spoke a thousand words and looked really rude and stuck up

I’m still trying to work out exactly what she said. Got the impression it was along the lines of that or you’re on my dress...

Hmmm, we’re not sure. Anyone? She could have been telling Tess how much she loved her dress. Or maybe she asked her if she could get up and sing because not only was Nicole in the audience, one of her songs was used for Lauren Steadman and AJ Prichard’s routine.

The pair danced a Paso Doble to Nicole’s 2011 hit ‘Poison’, although many viewers asked why Nicole didn’t perform it herself, accusing the ‘Strictly’ band of “murdering” the track.

I really hope Nicole invades the stage, steals the microphone and takes over singing Poison when Aj and Lauren start dancing... #Strictly #SCD

This cover of Poison is not good. Nicole is right there, BBC. #Strictly

They should have got Nicole Scherzinger to sing her own song. I’m not that familiar with the original, but were the vocals meant to sound like that? #Strictly

Despite all of that, Nicole appeared to be something of a lucky charm for Ashley, whose jaw-dropping Charleston scored 39 points.

Steps star Faye Tozer had plenty to celebrate too after also scoring 39 points with her theatre/jazz routine.

Both scores were the highest of the series so far and unsurprisingly saw Ashley and Faye topping the leaderboard.

The ‘Strictly’ results show is on BBC One on Sunday evening at 7.45pm.

See reaction:

Via Huffington Post

My view: It looks like Nicole likes Tess Daly's dress. Nicole should go back to X Factor, the ITV show has become the Robbie and Ayda show and it's boring.

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