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15-year-old girl who was held as a sex slave by an Asian grooming gang and had a son conceived throu

Girl, 15, snatched outside a Tesco, raped and forced into three marriages by an Asian grooming gang has spoken of her torment - after coming face-to-face with one of her alleged rapists again.

For Sarah – not her real name – the stress was even greater. Because, in an impersonal courtroom, she was forced to sit barely six feet away from a man she thought was out of her life forever, a member of a ruthless Asian grooming gang that she says snatched her from a Tesco car park as a teenager and kept her as a sex slave for 12 years.

More agonising still, she says the five-year-old son they were fighting for was conceived through rape, part of a pattern of assault, aggression, controlling behaviour and degrading verbal abuse – including constantly being demeaned as 'white trash' – that she suffered at the hands of her abductors.

claiming he even smirked at her.

The Mail on Sunday reports that, the alleged rapist was, incredibly, given a say in the future care of the young boy, and could have a role in his upbringing, heaping fresh agony on Sarah – who, already suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, had seen her child taken away from her by social services.

As if that was not horrifying enough, Sarah went through the torment not once, but twice.

After escaping her captors, she was tracked down by another man who she is convinced was linked to the gang. She claims he also beat and raped her, resulting in the birth of a daughter earlier this year.

Again, social services declared Sarah an unfit mother and took the baby away within 24 hours of her birth.

Again, they sought out the father to give him a say in the child's upbringing. He wanted no part, and the baby was put up for adoption, to Sarah's great distress. She may never see her child again, and certainly not until she is 18.

'This pain caused by social services is in some ways worse than the pain caused by the gang,' she says.

'When they are taking away my children, it feels exactly the same as what that group did: the same threat, the same anxiety, everything. I am desperate to see my daughter.'

Throughout her captivity, Sarah claims she was raped, beaten and given sedatives by the gang, who forced her into three sharia marriages and made her have eight abortions.

Sarah's case was described by a member of the House of Lords last month as the most serious example of sex grooming to emerge in Britain. Crossbencher Baroness Caroline Cox told this newspaper: 'I agonise over Sarah's continuing ordeal. And it is appalling that she was forced to confront one of her alleged rapists at a court hearing where he was consulted about her son's future. How can the courts and social services allow this cruel treatment?'

Baroness Cox has put Sarah in touch with lawyers (Image: Getty Images)

Sarah, who grew up in the Home Counties, is the youngest of four children, born to a builder and a housewife. For legal reasons and her safety, her real name, where she was kidnapped, where she was held and where she now lives, must remain secret.

When she was lured into a car on an autumn afternoon, she was a quiet 15-year-old who dreamed of becoming a midwife. She had never had a boyfriend.

From the outset, her kidnappers were determined to make Sarah dependent on them. She says they hid her in various houses and severed her contact with the outside world by refusing her a mobile phone or computer. She was made to wear Islamic dress, learn the Koran and speak only the Pakistani languages Urdu and Punjabi.

In her years of captivity, Sarah fell victim to Stockholm syndrome, where a prisoner forms an emotional attachment to a captor, becoming particularly attached to the gang leader even though she felt her mind was 'being twisted'.

It was on only the second night that he first raped her. 'I was pulling back from him and I was scared,' she recalls. 'I felt angry, dirty and disgusted after he had finished.' While attacking her, he told her he had saved her from the gutter where white girls with low morals like her belonged.

They also threatened to harm her family should she try to escape, both tactics used by similar gangs elsewhere in Britain.

There were times over the years when Sarah's family came tantalisingly close to extracting her from the situation. Once, she saw her mother in a supermarket and they hugged and managed to exchange a few words, but the gang then bundled her away, and sped off in a car.

Crossbencher Baroness Caroline Cox (pictured) said: 'I agonise over Sarah's continuing ordeal

Culled from Daily

My view: He doesn't deserve to be part of the child's life, He has no right to anything, he gave up his rights the day he allegedly raped her.

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