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I don’t get turned on by partner’s saggy breasts since she gave birth


Dear Deidre: Since the birth of our daughter, I don’t get turned on by my partner’s breasts as much.

She’s 34 and I’m 37. She’s always had a slim body but she suffered with stretch marks on her breasts and tummy while she was pregnant.

I don't get turned on by partner's saggy breasts since she gave birth

Her boobs used to be a good size and shape but now she’s stopped breastfeeding the size has gone down and they look saggy.

They were what I loved the most about her body but now I feel disappointed when I see them. Is it possible that they can grow again or change shape without surgery?

DEIDRE SAYS: You talk of your partner as if her body is an object just there to turn you on. She’s given you a beautiful daughter. Her change in shape is testament to that and should be celebrated.

She’s still the same sexy lady behind her new body shape, so give her lots of reassurance.

Please, please don’t mention surgery but get into giving one another sensuous massages.

You’ll be amazed how gorgeous her body will feel to you all over again once you’re in touch rather than just gazing.

Source: The Sun

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