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Beauty pageant winner in Myanmar faints as her name is announced

Beauty pageant winner faints as her name announced

There was panic at the climax of an international beauty pageant in Myanmar on Thursday when the Paraguayan winner fainted after her name was announced.

Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa fell as soon as she was announced this year's winner, reported.

At the time, she was holding hands with the first runner-up, Meenakshi Chaudhary of India, who tried to help but failed to catch Sosa as she collapsed and hit the floor.

Organisers rushed forward to aid the stricken beauty queen.

Sosa soon recovered and had a teary smile as she was crowned. The pageant was broadcast live on Facebook late on Thursday from Yangon, Myanmar.

In an interview before the winner was announced Sosa said breathlessly she might need a doctor because she felt like she was having a heart attack, reported.

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My view: Wow that's scary, but she's stunningly beautiful.

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